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    AOD Smart Camera

    AOD series comprise camera and controller. The camera is powered and connected to the controller via single cable.
    AOD series smart cameras is designed for robot and automation application. With embedded Linux based software, it can achieve many features and functionalities.
    With small volumn, AOD smart camera can be integrated into automated production line and most kinds of robots like AGV and robot. With high IP grade, it is suitable for many complex application.
    Thanks to the embedded application softwares, it can achieve object tracking, robot positioning, lane tracking, barcode reading and OCR. User can choose the function as needed. 1.2GHz Quad core processor is used inside. Wide power supply voltage can ease the integration. With input and ouput signals, it is very easy to communicate with PLC. It can transfer the image to host very fast because of using GigE interface. It can also support RS232, RS485 and CAN interface.
    AOD has both monochrome and color versons and support up to 5MP in resolution. It supports rolling shutter and global shutter. LED lighting and Lens are provided seperately as accosaries to meet the cost sensitive application.
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