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    GFocus is with strong ability of independent research and development of science and technology.
    Relying on our own technical advantages, our company specializes in robot vision products and automatic optical detection equipment promotion and application. Developed by the company's products include smart cameras, vision sensors, bar code identification and automatic optical detection equipment. In addition to providing standard products, according to customer needs to provide customized services.

    Our company adhere to the technical innovation, the company attaches importance to the accumulation of technology and service system improvement. Through in-depth communication with customers, so as to provide professional, high-quality products and services, we have to meet customer needs to the greatest extent.

    Our company adhere to the "integrity-based, customer first, quality first" business philosophy, The company is committed to build to become China's most professional leaders of robot vision products and brands!

    Product application areas:

    defect detection


    Dimension measurement

    identification and so on.

    Product main application industry:


    automation equipment

    logistics, warehousing



    Company vision: insist on constant innovation and breakthroughs in technology and services, is committed to build to become China's most professional leaders of robot vision products and brands!

    Business philosophy: integrity-based, customer first, quality first!



    Customer: to the pursuit of customer satisfaction as our responsibility;

    Team: a team with a strong centripetal force is the fundamental invincible;

    Quality: products, service quality is the foundation for long-term development of enterprises;

    Details: pay attention to work detail, detail decides success or failure;

    Efficient: self management and operations management efficiently in order to achieve the overall high benefit of the enterprise.